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BIBLE STUDY: Biblical Models for Life with God in the Church

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

What is life with God like? What models are presented in the Bible for depicting life together as God’s people? Here are some examples:

  • God is the Father and we are the family

  • God is the Manager and we are the labourers

  • Jesus is the Great Shepherd and we are the sheep

  • Jesus is the Head and we are the body

  • The Sower and the Soils

Let’s meet and explore together. We’ll examine just how each model is presented in the Bible, assess its features, and consider how it might (or might not) apply to our contemporary church. The series will begin on Wednesday, January 19th and will end in late February. The sessions will start at 10:30 AM and will end around Noon. Initially the sessions will be conducted by Zoom only, but if health-safety protocols are eased then the sessions may involve in-person meetings as well as Zoom.

Please register by emailing Pastor Cliff at Or, if you would like to chat and find out more, then call him at 604-790-1334.

To Join the Zoom Bible Study

Meeting ID: 631 340 9773

Dial-In by phone to participate with audio only


Meeting ID: 631 340 9773


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